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The home of container loading ramps from Thorworld Industries Ltd.

Shipping containers and vehicle trailers require fast, efficient loading and unloading, but it isn’t always possible or practical to install a permanent docking bay.

That’s why the container ramp – sometimes known as a mobile yardramp or loading ramp – is the ideal alternative.

A container ramp is a portable solution that can be quickly and safely positioned at the back of a container truck to provide ramped access for forklifts.

Using a container ramp can enable loading or unloading to be completed by a single forklift operator. Even businesses who handle only one or two loads per month typically find that this method is extremely effective and brings a swift return on investment.

Thorworld Industries is a UK leader in mobile container ramps, with a range of models available to purchase or rent via our RentARamp division.

Contact us on 01246-260602 – or fill in the form on the Contact page – to discuss your needs.